Thursday 29th August 2013
Breed Specialty Shows
Friday 30th August 2013
Championship Show
Saturday 31st August 2013
Championship Show, Agility Trial & GSDL Specialty Show
Sunday 1st September 2013
Championship Show & Obedience Trial

Camping Erskine Park - Limited number of sites available - contact Dogs NSW 9834 3022
or use the Booking Form on Dogs NSW Website

Spring Fair casual vendor bookings for commercial sites - please download and complete the
Vendor Booking Form and forward to the secretary


Show/Trial enquiries to:

Website enquiries to:

The Spring Fair Dog Show is a an independent committee of Dogs NSW.
Judge's Liaison
Show Manager:
Mr Tom Couchman
Mrs Liz Gunter
Mrs Christine Mann
Mr Hugh Gent OAM
Mr Russell Britten
Mrs Marilyn Parker

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